Book Coaching

We all imagine that when we finally sit down to write the Great American Something will just come pouring out of us.  When it doesn’t we think, “I must not be a writer.” 

We’re sorry to report but it simply doesn’t work that way. Even Tony Kushner wants to give up at least once a day. 

You’ve got something you have to say.  You’re ready to say it.  You just don’t know a) where to start or b) how to make the time. That’s where we come in. We’ll climb in there with you, help you create a structure you’re excited about, and a schedule you can stick to.  And if you’re an entrepreneur we'll help you leverage your expertise into the best written platform for your brand.

You don't need an MFA, you need a MGD, a Master at Getting this Done. 



Whether you’re on the third draft of a manuscript that still hasn’t gelled, nagged by the seed of an idea, or ready to create a written platform for your expertise, we’ll start with a consultation where we’ll hear directly from you what you’ve been bumping up against, give you tools for moving past it, and, based on the material or concept you’ve shared, we’ll give you our editorial vision to help you to establish you how far from completion you are.  
Based on that meeting, if we all choose to move forward, in addition to consistent editorial support (from outlining to punctuation), we’ll create a custom game plan for you with a realistic, stress-free calendar of deliverables.  Then we’ll work with you, week in, week out, to keep you energized and on track.  You don’t have time to waste.  Trust that each opportunity you have to sit down and write you’re moving your book toward the finish line.