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1. Is your service right for me?
Unfortunately, given the commitment we make to each of our clients, we must be selective to ensure the quality of our service. We can’t take on anyone for whom we don’t see the finish line.

2. Will you help me get an agent or publisher?  
While we offer our expert guidance and advice, given the constantly shifting marketplace, we can’t guarantee a connection.  But unlike ‘freelance editors’, our service includes supporting you through the process of finding your manuscript a home.

3. Do you only work with fiction authors?
No! Our non-fiction clients are highly successful professionals creating a written platform for their expertise. They have the most to say, the least amount of time to say it, and are among our most satisfying success stories.  Whether you’re reading a novel or a how-to you’re either engrossed or you’re not.  We’re going for engrossing.

4. I’m scared that I’ll put all this time and effort in and it won’t sell.
You’ll be the right fit with us if you’re more afraid of never having tried.