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Nicola Kraus, your partnership in the creation of this work has been unparalleled. I’m so glad I brought you on as my writing coach. What we have created here, thanks to you, is exactly, precisely, what I’d hoped it would be. Thank you for your endless grace, service, wit, optimism, and wise counsel. You are a dream.

~Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D, CEO of Bright Line Eating, and New York Times Bestselling Author






Working with Nicki has been an incredibly empowering experience.  For over two years I'd been waiting for the “right time” to write my second book, but the project was just too challenging to begin.  When I started working with Nicki she ingeniously guided me step-by-step, making the process doable--and actually enjoyable.  I feel truly blessed to have her on my team helping me birth one of my dreams into a reality. 

                                             ~Patricia Moreno, founder of intenSati





Working with Emma made me a much better writer. The editorial process began with a raw manuscript and ended with an actual book. Emma dispenses her wisdom with unapologetic determination so that only the best work survives. It's remarkable that she can have both a holistic as well as a granular view, simultaneously utilizing both perspectives to guarantee a finished product that flows and is complete. I cannot imagine, nor would I recommend, writing a book without such a partner.

~Michael Baldwin, founder and CEO of Michael Baldwin, Inc.




Emma provided an incredible sense of clarity, instruction and knowledge on book writing and publishing - so much so, that I can't imagine becoming a published author without her on my team. Her way with words coupled with her vast experience made her the ideal coach for me. Publishing a novel doesn't end with the writing and Emma has been instrumental in breaking down each daunting step throughout my journey from idea to manuscript, turning editor-speak into action items and industry understanding. Emma is the real-deal, in-person "On Writing" and "Bird by Bird" master class, and I am blessed to have had her pearls throughout this delicate process.

~Lindsay Roth, Executive Producer of Ora.TV: Larry King Now





As much as I love to write, I was pretty overwhelmed by the idea of writing a book, sure that I'd end up in the depths of hell. But I've discovered that, by working with Nicola, writing a book doesn't suck! In fact, it's extremely invigorating and she's helping me use this process to shape the strategy of all the content I produce for my company. I'm having fun and feel extremely productive!

~Randi Zinn, founder of







I'd been overwhelmed by twenty-six years worth of experience, hundreds of stops and starts on outlines, and a paralyzing ambivalence toward my project. No matter what I tried, I never felt closer to understanding what my book was about. Emma came into my life and within hours not only did I have a clear sense of direction, she'd managed to ignite my enthusiasm. She's always quick to disable my inner-critic and help me to see progress where I think there's none. The speed with which she's able to organize my notes into a workable outline is mind-blowing. I have never left a session without feeling empowered and excited to get back to work. Her experience, skill, compassion and commitment to helping me grow as a writer is invaluable. I feel lucky to have her in my corner.

~Patty Powers, Recovery Coach, A & E's Relapse