Here’s what we understand: writing is hard. Writing is scary. Time is precious. Solving all three problems is the foundation of The Momentum Masterclass. 

The Momentum Master Class is our four-week online webinar, packed with insight for any writer at any stage of the process.  So many creative writing classes seem geared for someone in a hoop skirt, leisurely writing with a quill by lamplight.  But if you’re living in our world—juggling to find time to write—we’re teaching you the editorial tools professional writers use to get their books finished on deadline.  How do popular authors publish a book a year? We’re going to tell you!

The best part is you can take the class from anywhere in the world.  At your own pace. 

Curriculum includes:

  • How to make the fear work for you 
  • How to structure a story that sells
  • How to create realistic, achievable deadlines 
  • Our proven three-step editing technique   
  • How to sell your book to agents, editors and readers
  • Advice from bestselling authors and industry insiders
  • Access to our Momentum Masterclass Facebook Group
  • And weekly LIVE office hours where we’ll answer your specific questions