Media Coaching

Promoting products now requires unprecedented access to your personal life.  And the potential for paralysis is, well, paralyzing. 

Unlike other media coaches we’ve been on camera for thirteen years.  Our first TV interview ever was in the 7am hour on the Today show.  We were terrified. Until we learned the tools and tricks to take control of the situation. 

We’re passionate about equipping you with everything needed to put you at ease while you subtly redirect to your product.  Once we’ve worked with you to craft a ‘story that sells’ our focus will be on your preparation and confidence.  Our approach is holistic, from finding your ‘good side’ to road-testing how you look seated in your favorite shirt.

And if there’s more than one of you, we’re experts at how to help teams build a consistent message.  There is strength in numbers. 

We believe that you can do this and you can enjoy it.

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